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Forgiven Colouring & Activity Book
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Forgiven Colouring & Activity Book

Brother Francis Presents...

Here's a great way to help children review the many lessons found in each "Brother Francis" episode. They will enjoy the meaningful colouring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, find the hidden picture games, and varied activities found in each colouring book.

The DVD to accompany this book is available: RP14606

Brother Francis Presents Colouring & Activity Series:

RP9647 - Forgiven  

RP2616 - Joy Toons Collection 1

RP9630 - Let's Pray   ­

RP9609 - The Bread of Life  

RP2234 - The King is Born  

RP2289 - The Saints

RP9616 - The Rosary  

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