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My Sunday Mass Book
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My Sunday Mass Book

Receiving the Gift of the Eucharist

By Kara O'Malley

 Children who have just received the sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time have reached a very special threshold in their Christian Life. My Sunday Mass Book is designed to encourage children and their families to continue participating each Sunday at Mass with the same engagement as when they first received the Eucharist – for at the heart of the Mass, we receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the nourishment we need to go out into the world and do God’s work.

My Sunday Mass Book was developed to help children:

Engage: Lively section illustrations draw emotional connections to the child’s lived experience.

Explore: Spaces for interactivity, where the child can write, draw, and express their thoughts, will encourage children to explore their feelings and feel ownership of the book.

Act: Each section closes with simple activities for home and at Mass.

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