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Eternal Rest in the Lord
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Eternal Rest in the Lord

Preparing the Liturgy of the Word at Catholic Funerals

Preparing a funeral Mass can be both a painful and grace-filled experience. Designed to simplify the process and provide hope for salvation, Eternal Rest in the Lord guides families through each of the possible Scripture readings that may be selected for a Catholic funeral Mass. This resource will help grieving families find comfort in God’s love and mercy during this difficult time of loss.

Eternal Rest in the Lord provides families with:

  • Full texts of the readings for funerals for adults, baptised children, and unbaptised children
  • Pastoral reflections on each reading that attend to the needs of those who grieve
  • At-a-glance reference offering reasons for why families might select a particular reading, helping to connect it to the life of the deceased loved one
  • Suggestions for other readings that fit well together
  • Understanding of the parts of the Liturgy of the Word at a Catholic funeral Mass
  • Guidance for writing the Prayer of the Faithful, along with sample texts
  • Selection form to turn in to the parish

 Saddlestitched | 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 | 128 pages