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Be the Change Banner Collection

Illustrations by Dr Clare Campbell

12 Designs to encourage the whole school to be more enviromentally friendly.

BAN652.jpg    BAN653.jpg   BAN654.jpg

BAN652: Small gestures can change...          BAN653: You can change the World.             BAN654: One small positive change...


BAN655.jpg    BAN656.jpg   BAN657.jpg

 BAN655: Change the World.                            BAN656: Heart & Earth...                                  BAN657: Be the change you want...


BAN658.jpg   BAN659.jpg   BAN660.jpg

BAN658: Advice from a tree...                           BAN659: One of the best lessons...              BAN660: Educating the mind...


BAN661.jpg  BAN662.jpg   BAN663.jpg

BAN661: Change the World...                         BAN662: Season to change.                         BAN663: We can change the World