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A Baptism Sourcebook
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A Baptism Sourcebook

Though a one-time event, baptism is a lifelong project. This sourcebook contains a wealth of text gathered for reading and reflection by all those baptised. 

Use this book in a variety of ways:

  • To explore the enormous richness of the symbols and gestures of your own baptism.
  • As a way to pray for those who will be baptised as infants or adults.
  • As an inspiration for homilies and liturgy preparation.
  • As a gift to someone newly baptised or to their godparent or sponsor.

A flood of texts gathered for pondering by all the baptised. Taken from prose, poetry, hymnody, scripture and liturgical and patristic texts, this collection unfolds the mystery of Baptism as an event that extends into every moment of life. Section titles suggest the richness of symbols and gestures of christening: election, faith and creed, water, naming, godparents, anointing, dressing, light, festivity and mission.

Illustrations are by G.E. Mullan. 

Paperback / Size: 6" x 9" / 224 pages. 

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