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Beholding Beauty - An Easter Miracle
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Beholding Beauty - An Easter Miracle

Prepared by - Madeleine Carroll
Illustrated by - Pedro De La Puente

An imaginary story about a blind boy being healed by Jesus after His resurrection.

Madeleine shares with us:-
‘I hope that my book, ‘Beholding Beauty’, may bring children closer to their saviour, who wants to soothe every unhappiness, and bring to light every darkness.

‘Beholding Beauty’ is an imaginary story about the sort of things we know Our Lord actually did do, and is based around the people He may well of met and befriended and the places He visited. I like to imagine Jerimiah’s father, Thaddeus, as one of the fishermen followers of Our Lord. At the back of the book there are excerpts from scripture describing how Jesus healed a man born blind, and also the second miraculous catch of fish.’