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What is Beauty Banner Collection

Illustrations by Dr Clare Campbell

Designed to encourage young people to have a positive image of themselves.

BAN664 - What is beauty.jpg    BAN665 - There is beauty in everyone.jpg   BAN667 - Beauty comes from within.jpg

            BAN664: What is beauty?                     BAN665: There is beauty in everyone.            BAN667: Beauty comes from within.


BAN668 - See the beauty of everyday things.jpg   BAN669 - True beauty comes from within.jpg    BAN670 - I am a child of God.jpg

            BAN668: See the beauty...                         BAN669: True beauty comes....                     BAN670: I am a child of God.


BAN671 - Life is beautiful.jpg    BAN674 - Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.jpg

             BAN671: Life is beautiful.                       BAN674: Kind words are like honey...