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St. Agnes - Roller Banner RB731
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St. Agnes - Roller Banner RB731

Artwork by the Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey.

Agnes of Rome, Martyr.

Feast Day: 21st January.

A Roman who lived circa. 305, she was twelve or thirteen when she was martyred for refusing to marry a pagan. From the earliest centuries she was held in high honour by the Church for her heroism in defence of her faith. Often portrayed, as she is in this image, holding a lamb as a symbol for purity. It is also a play on her name as the Latin for lamb is 'agnus'.

On her feast day in Rome two lambs are blest and their wool is used to make the palliums, a circular band approx. 2 " wide worn around the neck,  given by the Pope to archbishops as a sign of their authority (from the Latin palla meaning cloak or mantle). 

Roller/Pull-up Floor Standing Banner: These banner features a stylish wave design and supports a two-part, telescopic pole that allows the banner to achieve a commanding height of up to 2m.and printed on a 300gsm grey block polymer  The banner itself feeds from just above floor level, concealing the base unit and allowing your design to take centre stage. The compact base allows the Roller Banner to function in environments where space is limited. The unit weighs 5.6kg and comes with a padded carry bag.
*180 day warranty from date of delivery with any mechanical or print fault.

Dimensions: 2000mm x 850mm

*On orders of 3 of more roller banners, from our extensive range, a 10% discount will be applied at time of invoice.

Delivery: Please allow 10-14 days from date of order.

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