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I Belong
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I Belong

I Belong is a First Holy Communion Programme that contains lively, colourful material in which illustrations and examples are used to reflect the world where today's children live and experience faith.

It is hoped that the children using this book will create a personal momento of this special time in their relationship with God.The book has recently been redesigned with lovely new colourful, child friendly illustrations and some significant improvements have been made.

At the end of each chapter is a "Family Time" page with suggestions for prayer and something to do together as a family.

Small information boxes have been added throughout the book. These cover areas such as:- search the church for particular items, explanation of Catholic practices, what to look out for while at Mass and new words associated with Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and the Mass.

There is also a symbol of a Bible to check out bible references at the end of scripture passages. A small candle features on the corner of each page which, when coloured, indicates progress through the book.

Books in the I Belong series:

Children's Book 

Hardback Book 

Leaders Guide 

The up-to-date First Holy Communion Programme with full and clear resource links to the latest catechetical approachesA step-by-step guide to the full programme carrying clear full-colour links to every page of the children's book. Plenty of ideas and original suggestions. Spiral Bound

Parent's Book 

This friendly, but comprehensive, full-colour guide enables every parent to take a full part in their child's First Holy Communion preparation. Parents can keep in touch with the thinking and planning behind each stage. Plus a separate pull-out for grandparents.Paperback 

For children with learning disabilities.

Children's Special Edition 

For children with learning disabilities, visual language, which is used to support learning and communication, has to be one that does not have too much information to process, yet enables them to share in the message and activities that each chapter presents. 

Leader's & Parent's Special Edition 

Leader's and Parent's guide for 'I Belong Special' that provides both Makaton signs and simplified language for children with learning difficultiesEvery section matches the standard book, thereby offering inclusivity for all children in the parish as they prepare for this sacrament. 

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