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A Sourcebook about Sunday
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A Sourcebook about Sunday

What do you do on Sunday? Grocery shopping? Laundry? Tasks left over from the work week? In our overstressed, overscheduled lives we seem always to be busy with work or busy seeking relief through entertainment. This new addition to the Sourcebook series helps us reclaim Sunday as the Lord's Day.

Through excerpts from scripture and the liturgy, from prose and poetry both ancient and modern this book helps us prepare for, ponder, and celebrate Sunday. Beginning with the origins of our Sunday observance and lingering over the wisdom of Jewish Shabbot practices, the book moves from Friday through Monday, evoking the many customs and activities that have marked our keeping of the Lord's Day and enabling theological reflection.

This book offers materials for liturgists and catechists, for those who plan retreats, and for everyone desiring a richer experience of our weekly Easter. Through these eloquent texts we can come to see the veneration of Sabbath and Sunday? Not as another obligation but as a means to our refreshment, growth, and intimacy with God.

Use this book in a variety of ways:

  • As a way to begin or end each day with a prayer or meditation.
  • As a guide to reclaiming Sunday as the Lord's Day.
  • As a preparation for preaching, catechists, retreats and other programmes.


Size: 6" x 9" / 224 pages

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