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St. Hilda - A3 Poster (STP863)
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St. Hilda - A3 Poster (STP863)

A3 laminated (encapsulated) poster.

Printed on gloss coated paper then laminated (encapsulated) for durability.

Dimensions: A3  29.7 cms x 42 cms (11 3/4" x 16 1/2").

Hilda (Hild) of Whitby, Religious, Abbess. 614 - 680.

St. Bede was effusive in his praise of her considering her one of the greatest of all Englishwomen.

Born into the Northumbrian royal family she entered religious life in her thirties inspired by the call of Aidan of Lindisfarne and was superior of the double monastery (men and women) in Hartlepool before becoming founding Abbess of the double monastery of Whitby (Streoneshalh).

She hosted the famous Synod of Whitby 663 - 664 to reconcile differences between Roman & Celtic customs in the Church. Her support for the synod's decision to observe Roman customs despite favouring Celtic ones herself helped secure unity in the English Church.

She was known for spiritual wisdom, learning and sound administration. Her influence extended beyond the monastery walls; she encouraged her herdsman Caedmon, who is the first known English poet, to compose. She insisted on the study of scripture and proper preparation for the priesthood. Five of the monks who studied under her became bishops, including St. Wilfrid of York and St. John of Beverly.

Usually shown holding a replica of Whitby Abbey.

Feast Day:
17th November RC National Calendar England & Wales
18th November in the Anglican Church

St. Bede wrote of her, "all who knew her called her Mother, such were her wonderful godliness and grace."

Artwork by the Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey.  

Details of the Saint's Feast day is printed at the top of the poster.

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