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Year-Round Catechumenate
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Year-Round Catechumenate

A careful explanation of how it is not only possible but also the best practice of initiation ministers to develop a year-round catechumenate process.

How does the vision of Christian initiation outlined in The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults fit into a program modelled after the school year? It doesn't, argues Mary Birmingham. The RCIA describes an initiation process that exists at the heart of the Church's life and on the same schedule as the Church: every day, all year long. While that may sound overwhelming and unimaginable, Birmingham carefully explains how it is not only possible but also the best stewardship of the gifts and talents of initiation ministers. She then walks the reader step by step through the periods and rites of the RCIA, providing helpful insight along the way.

Chapters cover topics such as:

  • sacramental catechesis
  • the periods and rites of initiation
  • the initiating community
  • mystagogia
  • doctrine and the catechumenate

With its helpful treatment of the rite as a whole and the community's role within it, Year-Round Catechumenate will help priest, initiation teams, liturgy committees and other ministers imagine, envision, understand and implement a year-round catechumenate in the parish.

Specifications: Paperback / 7" x 9" / 168 pages.

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