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Forming the Assembly to Celebrate Sacraments
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Forming the Assembly to Celebrate Sacraments

Author: Lawence E. Mick
The Second Vatican Council envisioned a liturgical assembly that could understand and participate fully in the liturgy. Even when parishes have helped their members to understand and participate in the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy, responses at liturgies for the other sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Anointing, Holy Orders and Marriage) may seem uncertain and lukewarm
Do we know what we are doing when we celebrate the sacraments? In this book, as in its companion, 'Forming the Assembly to Celebrate the Mass', Lawrence Mick, a seasoned presider and writer on the liturgy, offers insights and suggestions for helping our communities understand the work they are called to do. 

The author explains each sacrament and its liturgical aspects in ways that will invigorate and prepare parish ministers for the work of liturgical catechesis. Once leaders are prepared, the book can then be used for catechising the whole assembly.

Parish councils, liturgy boards, liturgical ministers, adult formation groups and individuals in the assembly will all find in this book fresh perspectives for celebrating and savouring the sacraments.

Paperback /  6" x 9" /  80 pages.