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Liturgy and Ministry in Times of Need
Order ref: LBL5687
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Liturgy and Ministry in Times of Need

Wendy Cichanski Caduff, Ann Dickinson Degenhard, Bernard Evans and Anne Y. Koester

When our local, national, and global communities face difficult situations, it can be challenging for pastoral ministers to respond appropriately. Liturgy and Ministry in Times of Need provides practical recommendations for incorporating these important needs into liturgical prayer. It eases the burden of preparing liturgy during difficult times and offers guidance for ministering compassionately to those in need.

This resource will help communities with the following situations:

  • Gun violence
  • Hate crimes
  • Immigration issues
  • Fostering a respect for life and human dignity
  • Those seeking assylum
  • War or police actions
  • Domestic or international terrorism
  • Natural disasters
  • Global illnesses
  • Threats to creation
  • Accidents in your community
  • Suicide
  • Abuse crisis in the Church
  • Catholic school and parish mergings or closings

This resource includes:

  • Sample intercessions
  • Music suggestions
  • Guidance for selecting prayer texts from among the options provided in the liturgical rites
  • Orders of service for para-liturgies
  • Catechetical, retreat, and faith formation Ideas
  • Suggestions for involving your parish community and beyond