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Preaching Basics: A Model and a Method
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Preaching Basics: A Model and a Method

By Edward Foley


No one wants better preaching more than those who preach. Here you will find a way of homily preparation that really works! Built upon the United States Bishops' document Fulfilled in Your Hearing, this workbook provides a clear and comprehensive definition of liturgical preaching, the conversation between the assembly and God facilitated by the preacher. Next, you'll find a user-friendly model for a preacher to use in dialogue with the Lectionary, the liturgy, the world, the arts and the lives of the people who make up the assembly. An effective method is offered for preparing to preach on any given Sunday using seasonal reflection and a day-by-day plan. Sidebars containing quotes and excerpts from other sources and many worksheets to use for preparation are also included. This book will help anyone who wants better preaching, especially preachers themselves, to see new possibilities and think about preaching in an exciting, new way.

Specifications: Paperback / 8 1/2" x 11" / 44 pages.