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The Revolution of Tenderness
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The Revolution of Tenderness

In this book Raymond Friel explores issues facing the Catholic Church today, with both humour and passion, while drawing on the remarkable and often moving testimonies of twelve ordinary Catholics - five men and seven women - from the UK and the Philippines

Beginning with a survey of the Church's journey over the last hundred years or so from the Syllabus of Errors of Pope Pius IX to the unexpected announcement from St John XXIII of a Vatican Council, Raymond Friel draws on his own cradle Catholic upbringing to reflect the huge changes taking place in and around the Church, with a particular focus on the inspiration of Pope Francis and ways to develop a personal faith.

The age of mass membership, or cultural Catholicism, is gone, and the age of the "intentional" disciple has arrived. An inspirational read for anyone searching for perspective on the Catholic faith in a modern world.

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