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A Eucharist Sourcebook
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A Eucharist Sourcebook

This book contains a wide variety of texts about what the Eucharist means and what it means to take part in the Eucharist.

This Sourcebook gathers poetry, prose, hymns and prayers reflecting on what Eucharist means, what it means to do Eucharist and what it means to be Eucharist. Like all of LTP's Sourcebooks, A Eucharist Sourcebook provides wisdom and inspiration from a variety of sources for reflection, meditation, homily preparation and prayer. Printed on fine paper and specially bound to open fully for reading and display, this book will be a welcome gift to catechumens, neophytes, musicians, teachers, clergy, families and liturgical ministers.

Organised around the story of the disciples' journey to Emmaus after the death of Jesus, the selections in this collection touch on the topics of bread and wine, body and blood, eating and drinking, gathering and thanksgiving, hungering and praying, and remembering and offering. Individuals and groups will find this book to be a treasure for beginning or ending each day with prayer or meditation or for reading selections aloud around the dinner table..

Paperback /  6" x 9" / 200 pages.

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