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Bible REplay
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Bible REplay

Exploring Bible Stories for Keystage 2

Written by an experienced drama teacher, this book gives you step-by-step ideas for exploring the Bible with Children. It presents lively and accessible renderings of eight Bible episodes which can be read as stories to stimulate discussion or following the detailed guidelines, to open up questions and involve children in creating their own dramas.

An Appendix is included, called Dressing the Play which forms two costume workshops: A do-it-yourself guide for children (and teachers). This wonderful resource for teachers. The author takes eight Biblical stories and retells them in a way that makes them accessible to children. She keeps the basic Biblical narratives, but adds in some imagined back-story and conversation, bringing out the personal drama involved in each story. They can be read as stories, used in discussion, and because of the lively dialogue, each of them can be acted out.

Stories Presented:
  • The Song of Hannah
  • Samuel says "Here I am Lord"
  • Zachariah is struck dumb
  • Mary says "Yes"
  • The Wisdom of Solomon
  • The Marriage Feast at Cana
  • Moses in Egypt
  • The Resurrection
Keystage 2 (school years 4-6)

Editions available: Children's (MB7665) and Teacher's (MB7597)

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