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The Mass DVD
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The Mass DVD

Brother Francis Presents...

Come with "Brother Francis" as he celebrates the life-changing power of the Mass in this inspirational and instructive presentation!  

This episode contains:

  • "The Celebration of the Mass" - an animated representation of what happens during the Mass and our encounter with Jesus as we celebrate this wonderful gift of God!
  • "With a Heart of Praise" - a moving prayer-song that expresses our gratitude to God.
  • "The Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican" - a moving, animated depiction of Jesus' teaching on humility and forgiveness.
Rich in instruction and inspiration, "Brother Francis: The Mass" is a unique way of helping children experience the presence of Christ as they attend Mass.

This DVD contains the following language options:English and Spanish language tracks with English and Spanish subtitles.

This is an All Regions DVD.

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