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Prayer Banner - The Depths of Distress
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Prayer Banner - The Depths of Distress

Artwork by Sr Mary Stephen CRSS 

From a series of images for prayer, reflection, meditation and contemplation.

'Listen to my cry for I am in the depths of distress...Bring my soul our of this prison.' (Psalm 141(142)vs8-9)

'Out of the depths I cry for you, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice.' 
(Psalm 129(130)vs1)

Suffering can close in ourselves. Physical pain can make us feel imprisoned by the aches of our bodies, and mental suffering can trap us in thoughts that go round and round, getting blacker at every turn.

We have reached the end of our own resources - with our whole being we cry out to God for help.

Then it is as if we see the light of his presence, like searchlight beams in the darkness. But these beams shine through the darkness to heal us. Now we know that we shall find a way through our suffering.

His presence will light up the way. Perhaps, if we are patient, he will teach us the inner meaning of our pain. Then we might discover it brings a blessing and we had never dreamed possible. (Sr Petra Boex - A Journey in Prayer DVD))

'Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.' (From 'The Prophet' by Kahlil Gibran)

Wall Hanging Banner: Dye sublimation printing on a 100% close weave, natural feel polyester material with dowling, tulip wood end caps and gold effect hanging cord. Fire retardant: BS5867/Type B DIN4102. An extra depth of approx. 12" should be allowed when measuring to allow for the hanging cord. A sample of the material can be supplied upon request. 

*On orders of 3 of more wall hanging banners, from our extensive range, a 10% discount will be applied at time of invoice. 

Delivery: Please allow 10–14 days from date of order.   

*Artwork also available as a poster (order ref: PP02), on a PowerPoint CD-Rom of 31 images with accompanying meditations and text - 'Spirit of Light' Volume 6 (order ref: SPLV6) and on the dvd 'A Journey in Prayer' (order ref: JIPDVD).

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