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Songs for the Seder Meal CD
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Songs for the Seder Meal CD

For all who wish to learn the basic chants and songs of Passover, this recording provides a brief commentary and the music as found in the Passover Celebration.

In addition, there is a recorded pronunciation guide for those who wish to learn the Hebrew words used in the Seder meal, along with dinner music to accompany the Seder.

Track listing:

1. Blessing of the First Cup
2. Ma Nishtana: Why is this night different?
3. Let my people go (Go down, Moses)
4. Dayenu!
5. Blessing of the Second and Third Cups
6. Eliyahu Hanavi: Elijah the Prophet
7. Chad Gadyah: An only kid
8. Blessing of the Fourth Cup
9. L'shanah Habaah: Next Year in Jerusalem!
10.God of Might
11.Shalom Haverim
12.Pronunciation Guide
13 - 22. Dinner Music

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