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Mass Explained, The - DVD
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Mass Explained, The - DVD

 A talk by Bishop (Emeritus) Thomas McMahon

“I warmly welcome and commend this DVD on 
The Mass Explained by Bishop Thomas and hope that it will lead to a greater understanding and love of our Sunday celebration".

Bishop Alan Williams sm, Bishop of Brentwood


An account of the Mass by St. Justin in 150 AD…

“And on that day which is called after the Sun, all who are in the town and in the country gather together for a communal celebration… and the memoirs of the Apostles or the writings of the Prophets are read as long as time permits. After the reader has finished his task, the presiding official gives an address, urgently admonishing his hearers to practise these beautiful teachings in their lives. Then all stand up together and recite prayers. Following the prayers as has been shown above, the bread and wine are brought and the one presiding offers up prayers and thanks, as much as in him lies.

The people chime in with “Amen”. Then takes place the distribution to all attending of the things over which the thanksgiving has been spoken.

The Deacons bring a portion to the absent. Besides those who are well-to-do give whatever they will. All that is gathered is deposited with the one presiding, who therewith helps orphans and widows…”

Duration 50 minutes.

*** IMPORTANT: Due to copyright issues, it is expressly forbidden to upload the content of this DVD (in any form) to a website *** 

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