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Born for This - CD
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Born for This - CD

'Born For This' is a modern, dramatic and moving interpretation of the Stations of the Cross. From the anguish of Gethsemane to the agony of Calvary; from the grief of Veronica on the road to Golgotha to the joy of Mary Magdalen at the resurrection. 

Honed over many years of live performances with young people from schools and parishes, 'Born for This' has overwhelmingly beautiful, original music by Boyce & Stanley, interwoven with dramatic and moving prose from Jude Martin.

The recording and accompanying book feature a spoken reflection and a song for each Station.

Digitally Re-mastered

Track Listing

1. Overture
2. PILATE'S SONG - Jesus is condemned
3. WALK ALONE - Jesus takes his cross
4. ON MY KNEES - Jesus falls the first time
5. BORN FOR THIS - Jesus meets his mother [listen]
6. WHY ME (Simon's Song) - Simon helps Jesus carry the cross
7. VERONICA'S LITANY - Veronica wipes face of Jesus [listen]
8. FALLEN AGAIN - Jesus falls the second time
9. SAVE YOUR TEARS - Jesus speaks to the women
10. MERCY GATE - Jesus falls the third time [listen]
11. ALL HAIL - Jesus is stripped of his garments
12. FATHER FORGIVE - Jesus is nailed to the cross [listen]
13. THE LAST LULLABY part i - Jesus is taken down from the cross
14. THE LAST LULLABY part ii - Jesus is laid in the tomb
15. WE THOUGHT THAT IT WAS OVER - Resurrection [listen]

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