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Signs and Symbols of the Liturgy - An Experience of Ritual and Catechesis
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Signs and Symbols of the Liturgy - An Experience of Ritual and Catechesis

Catholic liturgy is a rich language composed of music, spoken word, silence, symbols, signs, postures, gestures, and ritual actions. Each of these elements serves to open our hearts, minds, and bodies to the presence of God, allowing us to deepen our participation in the mystery we celebrate. This resource will help participants explore the various elements of the liturgy.

Give groups in your parish a reverent, artful, and interactive experience of the symbols of the liturgy followed by time to reflect on their meaning. The symbols—common things of nature and human craft—such as water, candlelight, oil, book, and cross, are the very language through which we encounter the mysteries of our faith, and they cannot be understood through words alone.

Signs and Symbols of the Liturgy will help parishes break open the signs and symbols of the liturgy in their most basic forms. It explains how to prepare a ritual and catechetical experience of the signs and symbols in which participants can interact with the symbols as they are presented, one by one.

This resource includes:

  • Instructions for gathering and training a team, arranging an appropriate space, selecting music, and rehearsing the choreography
  • A video to show you how the experience looks and sounds
  • Commentary on the video to advise you on the nuances of delivering an artful and reverent experience 
  • Scripts with the poetic texts
  • Checklists of items needed
  • Diagrams of room arrangements
  • A promotional flyer
  • Reflection questions and advice for helping participants process their encounter

It is a wonderful resource for catechists and liturgists to use with Christian initiation groups, sacramental preparation sessions, adult formation programs, youth group meetings, and retreats for liturgical ministers.

Specifications: 8 1/2" x 11" / Book with disk.

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