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Prayers for Midday
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Prayers for Midday

From the small prayer book series, this is a collection of songs, prayers and scriptures for the middle of the day. 

Morning and evening are natural enough times to pray, but what about in the middle of the day? Is it possible for those outside of the monastery walls to stop for a moment at noon, as we work at home, in a factory, store or office, as we study in the library or sit in the cafeteria, to pray?.

Including the order for Midday Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours. The first section contains very brief prayers including a lunch meal blessing, prayer for fasting from lunch and prayer for after almsgiving. The second section contains a brief order of prayer for each day or the week, to be prayed alone or with others. This book is ideal for pocket or purse, for use at lunch by individuals or even small groups.

Paperback / Size: 4 1/4" x 6" / 64 pages.