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My Mass Book
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My Mass Book

With new English translation of the Order of Mass.

Special features include
Photographs of gestures and signs that are not easily seen from a child's
Preparation for Mass
Suggestions for living the Sunday  

Teachers, on viewing mock up copies of this NEW book found the content to be quite unique. They appreciated the section that introduces the Mass with tips for getting ready. They also like the suggestions in the section that follows the Mass for living Eucharistic themes during the week. Teachers found this helpful for children in connecting worship and life in a simple, meaningful way.

This book is a good investment for First Holy Communion. It is a book that children will grow into rather than grow out of.....

At the end section of the book, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is presented as a way to deepen our relationship with God and with each other.

Paperback 64 Pages - 150 x 105 cm

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