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Liturgy Documents Volume Four
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Liturgy Documents Volume Four

The Liturgy Documents, Volume Four: Supplemental Documents for Parish Worship, Devotions, Formation and Catechesis.

The Liturgy Documents, Volume Four includes supplemental liturgical document which are necessary for the smooth execution of parish devotions and provide grounding for ongoing liturgical formation and catechesis. These documents range from more theological to practical perspectives. The included documents address the following topics:

  • The Eucharist as the Source and Summit of the Christian Life
  • The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church
  • The Universal Prayer
  • Concelebration
  • Inculturation
  • African American Catholic Worship
  • Catholic Preaching and Judaism
  • Ecumenical Concerns
  • Piety and the Liturgy
  • The Virgin Mary and the Rosary
  • Liturgy and Art
  • Catechesis and the Liturgy
  • Use of Latin Chants
  • The Latin Mass of the 1962 Missal

As with the other volumes in this document series, each document is prefaced by an overview that explains the purpose, theology, authority, and pastoral application of the document. 

These overviews were written by noted scholars, theologians, and pastoral liturgists. This volume includes Vatican documents from Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI as well as documents from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Authors include: Mark Wedig, OP; Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS; Corinna Laughlin; Paul Ford; Bishop Wilton Gregory; John Pawlikowski; Paul Turner; Mark Francis, CSV; Michael R. Prendergast; Philip J. Horrigan; Dennis Gill; Frank L. Agnoli; Patrick R. Lagges 

Specifications: Paperback / 7" x 10" /  704 pages.

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