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Book of the Gospels - US Edition (RNAB Translation)
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Book of the Gospels - US Edition (RNAB Translation)

This book includes all the Gospel readings for Sundays, solemnities, feasts of the Lord and all ritual Masses.

The cover art is bold, clearly visible to those near and far. it bears the traditional images of the four evangelists in colourful foil: the angel, Matthew; the lion, Mark; the ox, Luke; the eagle, John.

A two column page design makes it easy to find the identification of the reading and the rubrics, thus preventing mistakes in proclamation.

The Gospel texts are printed in large 17-point type arranged in sense lines. Page turns have been eliminated wherever possible.

Feasts and many Sundays are illuminated with full-colour art. There are more than 30 original pieces of art in the interior of the book.

The edges of the pages are gilded and a wide ribbon marker is bound into the book.

The artist, Laura James, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She paints Biblical themes in the iconographic tradition of Ethiopian Christian art. Her work, with its bright colours and intricate patterns displays a unique style and vision.

***The translation used in the Book of the Gospels is the RNAB***

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Specifications: 11 1/2" x 17 3/8" -  464 pages - Hardcover.