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Authentic Youth Bible
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Authentic Youth Bible

Erv Authentic Youth Bible Black

The Authentic Youth Bible is a popular choice for school leavers and youth groups. The fully anglicised text uses the accurate and accessible ERV translation.

Features include:
164 pages of additional Bible study material
24 colour topic based inserts covering subjects such as relationships, peer pressure and trusting God
275 'Insights' help explain the meaning and context of key passages
Translation specifically designed to be read and understood easily
Suitable to be used across all denominations

 The Easy-to-Read Version of the Bible, published in 1989 by the World Bible Translation Center, was initially prepared to meet the special needs of the deaf and was first published as The English Version for the Deaf. The first-draft work on The English Version for the Deaf was done by WBTC's in-house translators who are Greek and Hebrew scholars and deaf-language consultants. The Easy-to-Read Version has recently undergone a major revision to better meet the needs of its target audience and evangelistic outreach (via ministries to prisons, the homeless, or children) as well as those with limited English. The revised text is also more suitable for oral reading, since many who understand spoken English are not literate.
Available in a choice of colours: Black, Purple, Teal and Red.

Edition: Hardback

Dimensions: 3.2 x 15.5cm x  22.2cm

Pages: 1401 

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  £12.99   (£15.59 inc VAT)
  £12.99   (£15.59 inc VAT)
  £12.99   (£15.59 inc VAT)
  £12.99   (£15.59 inc VAT)

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