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Assemblies - Volume 2
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Assemblies - Volume 2

Assemblies for Primary Schools

Feasts, Mary and the Saints. 

The special features of this book include:

  • Over sixty assemblies for saints of universal, national and local significance.
  • Main features of the life and message of the saints are presented with suggested applications for daily living.
  • Meanings are given for the great feasts.
  • Assemblies for major feasts of the Lord and the Virgin Mary
  • The majority are based on scripture which leads to the heart of each assembly and on which each assembly is based.
  • Reflections are offered on each reading.
  • Easily available symbols are suggested to focus each assembly.
  • Modern and traditional hymns are suggested.
  • The assemblies show how religious knowledge can be integrated into worship and both directed towards practical living.

Specifications: A4 / 128 pages / Softback 

Note: Assemblies: Volume 1 - Liturgical seasons and school occasions (order ref: MB 6156) 

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