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Authentic Youth Bible Gospel of Mark
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Authentic Youth Bible Gospel of Mark

The Authentic Youth Bible uses Easy-to-Read Versions TM, and contributors to the devotional and study material include Nick and Claire Page and Chip and Helen Kendall.

Taken from the Authentic Youth Bible, this stand-alone gospel of Mark is an ideal outreach resource or introduction to the Bible for teens.

This gospel of Mark includes plenty of great features specifically designed to help teens understand the Bible:

  • Find your bearings with advice on how to read the Bible
  • Size up the setting and discover the "Who", "When" and "What" of Mark
  • Dig deeper and explore key passages with the help of "Bible Bits"
  • Probe Passages with "Insights" that explain the meaning or context of certain verses and passages.

Key Features:

  • Low cost: makes this ideal to use as an outreach tool for teens
  • Introduction: provides an accessible and interesting way into the Bible for teens
  • Extra Features: unlike many stand-alone gospel editions this version has many notes and extra help included.

Target Audience:

  • Teens
  • Youth leaders / Churches/ Schools

The contemporary language in the ERV translation makes this gospel easy to get into, so that teens will get a lot out of it!

Paperback / 32 pages / 15cm x 21.6cm

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