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Bible Stories for Boys
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Bible Stories for Boys

A collection of 8 Bible stories, chosen especially to appeal to boys.

They tell of courageous men and deeds, re-told in a contemporary voice that is easy to relate to. The stories are prefaced with a short introduction encouraging the reader to think about the message contained in each; at the back of the book there is a section that sets the stories in context and shows where to find them in the Bible. The illustrations are sophisticated with a classical feel, but have been given a modern edge.

Author Peter Martin has developed a wide knowledge of Biblical history during his many years working in religious education. His years as a parent as well as a teacher make him able to bring his expertise in this field within reach of young readers. He acted as an advisor on The Bible in Its Time, also from Lion Children's Books.


  • Twelve Brothers (Genesis 37, 39-47)
  • The Reluctant Soldier (Judges 6-7)
  • Choose Your Weapons (1 Samuel 17)
  • The prophet of Doom and Gloom (Jonah)
  • Taking the Heat (Daniel 3)
  • Rich Man, Poor Man (Luke 16)
  • A Tax collector in a Tree (Luke 19)
  • Law and Order (Acts 16)

Specifications: Hardback / 48 pages / 21.5cms x 26 cms.

Published Feb 20149780745963709

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