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Stories Jesus Told
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Stories Jesus Told

Adventures through the Bible with Caravan Bear and Friends.

“It’s so good to see you all,” Christopher Rabbit said. “I’ll just get my bag.” “And the Bible,” Caravan Bear called after him… “We want some more stories,” called Whitby. It’s spring! Caravan Bear once again hitches up Hector the horse to the brightly painted gypsy-style caravan and, with Whitby the dog and Christopher Rabbit, set off in search of new adventures.

Enjoy Rabbit’s storytelling along the way, interrupted with frequent questions from the travellers and other animals they meet. Why wasn’t Jesus born in a special place, like a palace? If a shepherd already has a big flock, what does it matter if he loses one or two? Was it fair that the father gave a great feast for his younger son, who had spent all his money?

The Animals’ Caravan has echoes of children’s classics such as Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland, as the caravan travellers form a great friendship on their journey together.


Size 13cm x 20cm

Published 20th June 2018