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Year of Prayer


Pope Francis has proposed that 2024 should be marked as a year dedicated to prayer, in preparation for the Jubilee in 2025.

The Background colour: The bottom of the background colour can be changed to one of your choice. This can either be your school colour or one of our standard colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Cerise, Maroon or Burgundy.
*For design reasons the yellow at the top cannot be changed.

                Wall Hanging Banners                                                 Roller Banners                                                                              

BANYP24B-Year of Prayer-BLUE-22cm-WEB2.jpg BANYP24BG-Year of Prayer-BURGUNDY-22cm-WEB2.jpg

                        Lectern Frontals                                                  Display Boards 

 BANYP24G-Year of Prayer-GREEN-22cm-WEB2.jpg  FMYP24M.jpg


 PBYP24V-Year of Prayer-VIOLET-WEB.jpg




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