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I Call You Friends Widgit Support

Note from the Catholic Disability Fellowship, Portsmouth Diocese:

Symbol Supported Text Resources:

Widgit symbol software is used to create visual resources to support the education and communication of children and adults with Learning Disabilities. Symbols are useful for those who may have difficulty accessing the spoken word or text.

Widgit Software, 26 Queen street, Cubbington, Leamington Spa, CV32 7NA email: info@widgit.com website: www.widgit.com Tel: 01926 333680

The Catholic Learning Disability Network works with Widgit to make resources available as downloads from the Widgit Website. A pack is now available to support the ‘I Call You Friends' catechetical programme. This pack can be used independently of the ICYF resource and provides a wealth of symbol supported text activities relating to Gospel stories, the liturgical year, the parish community and the sacraments.

To see the Widgit products which may be purchased from Widgit.com to support I Call You Friends and the Come and See School Curriculum, together with the technical requirements needed to download them, visit their website at http://www.widgit.com/resources/curriculum/re/i_call_you_friends/index.htm