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Through the Year Banner Collection

Artwork by The Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey

A collection of 16 colourful and vibrant designs for the Liturgical Year.

Click on the individual banners below to order, these designs are also available as posters.

BAN2030.jpg   BAN2031.jpg      BAN2032.jpg

                BAN2030: Stay Awake                                    BAN2031: Prepare                                   BAN2032: Rejoice the Lord... 

BAN2033.jpg    BAN2034.jpg   BAN2035.jpg

     BAN2033: Emmanuel, God with us                      BAN2034: Love came to live...                       BAN2035: Man does not live...

BAN2036.jpg     BAN2037.jpg  BAN2038.jpg

               BAN2036: Listen to Him                             BAN2037: I mean to save you                               BAN2038: Father

BAN2039.jpg    BAN2040.jpg     BAN2041.jpg

         BAN2039: He will renew you...                     BAN2040: Sing Praise to our King                     BAN2041: We adore you Christ

BAN2042.jpg   BAN2043.jpg    BAN2044.jpg   

           BAN2042: He showed the...                          BAN2043: Christ, Yesterday...                           BAN2044: Lord Jesus...


        BAN2045: Come Holy Spirit