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The Virtues Collection – Colourful – Round Display Boards

Artwork by Gunvor Edwards.

Background colour: The bottom of the background colour can be changed to one of your choice. This can either be your school colour or one of our standard colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Cerise, Maroon or Burgundy). For design reasons the yellow border and the yellow at the top cannot be changed.

CFM2101B.jpg  CFM2102B.jpg

                              CFM2101 - Faith                                                                  CFM2102 - Hope 


CFM2103B.jpg  CFM2104B.jpg

                               CFM2103 - Love                                                            CFM2104 - Wisdom


CFM2105B.jpg  CFM2106B.jpg

                             CFM2105 - Justice                                                          CFM2106 - Courage 


CFM2107B.jpg  CFM2108B.jpg

                            CFM2107 - Self-control                                                         CFM2108 - Joy 


Artwork also available with a Rainbow border or a Sunflower border.

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