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The Saints Collection - Circular Display Boards

NEW. The Saints Collection boards are now availale in a circular design.

Available in 3 Sizes: 40cm, 60cm and 90cm
Available in 2 Finishes: Indoor (Foamex-Rigid PVC) and Outdoor (Dibond-Rigid Aluminium)
Background colour: The standard colours for these boards is yellow to blue, but they can also be personalised to match your school colours. 

Click here to view our latest mailing for our Saints Collection. 

CFM730BY - Andrew.jpg   CFM727BY - Augustine of Hippo.jpg   CFM761 - Catherine.jpg

       Design Code: CFM730BY                      Design Code: CFM727BY                        Design Code: CFM761

CFM764 - Cecilia.jpg   CFM718 - Francis.jpg   CFM760 - Gerard.jpg

           Design Code: CFM764                       Design Code: CFM718B                         Design Code: CFM760

CFM745BY - Gregory.jpg    CFM746b -  Helen.jpg   CFM865 - Ignatius of Loyola.jpg

         Design Code: CFM745BY                       Design Code: CFM746B                          Design Code: CFM865

CFM868BY - James.jpg   CFM873 - John.jpg   CFM700BY - Joseph.jpg

       Design Code: CFM868BY                        Design Code: CFM873                     Design Code: CFM700BY

CFM724 - Joseph.jpg   CFM892 - Mary.jpg   CFM1142 - Mary.jpg

           Design Code: CFM724                        Design Code: CFM892                           Design Code: CFM1142

 CFM1163 - Mary.jpg   CFM707BY - Michael.jpg   CFM962 - Monica.jpg

             Design Code: CFM1163                     Design Code: CFM707BY                    Design Code: CFM962

CFM711BY - Patrick.jpg   CFM758 - Paul.jpg   CFM722 - Peter.jpg

         Design Code: CFM711BY                      Design Code: CFM758                          Design Code: CFM722

CFM770 - Philomena.jpg   CFM1120 - Therese of Lisieux.jpg

            Design Code: CFM770                        Design Code: CFM1120


All of our existing Rectangular boards can be made into circular boards.

Please contact us if you cannot find the Saint you are looking for, would like to personalise the boards or you would like to place an order.
Email: sales@mccrimmons.com or Tel: 01702 218956.