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The Windy Day: A Teddy Horsley Book
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The Windy Day: A Teddy Horsley Book

The Windy Day describes Teddy Horsley's experiences of trying to look for the wind, touch the wind and listen to the wind which help him to share in the Christian celebration of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Based on John 3:8 and Acts 2.

The Teddy Horsley Bible Series is designed to build bridges between the young child's day-to-day experiences of the world and major biblical themes and stories. The series is a result of extensive research into the religious development of young children, and the authors' wide experience of educational work in schools and churches.

Leslie J. Francis is a prolific author & theologian, who has expertise in the areas of psychology and education.

Nicola Slee ia a theologian, poet, freelance author & retreat giver.

Colour, paperback.
Size:110 x 150mm

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