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Instant Games for Children
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Instant Games for Children

101 fun-filled children's games.

Good quality, workable and fun-filled games are an essential ingredient for children's work, but often people only know a finite number of activities to keep children entertained. Instant Games for Children contains 101 instantly playable games to choose from, making this book a must for everyone involved in children's work.

The games provide an opportunity for children to gather, help illustrate thematic programmes, burn off energy and provide children with great memories. Instant Games for Children is brimming with games that are easy to explain and fun to play. All you need to play all 101 games are 14 inexpensive everyday items like ping-pong balls and skipping ropes!

Instant Games for Children is ideal for children's work leaders, helpers, after-school clubs and parents and families. It is suitable for church and non-church groups, and uniformed organisations such as Brownies or Cubs. Those working with children in the 5-11s age spectrum in midweek groups, holiday clubs, after school clubs, church weekends and one-off activity days will find this book particularly useful.

Susan L Lingo is a former schoolteacher with over 18 years of experience working with children and author of more than 25 resources for children's workers and children in the US, including Show Me! Devotions for Leaders to Teach Kids.

Paperback: 144 pages

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