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A Child's Book of the Mass
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A Child's Book of the Mass

One of the best liturgical-catechetical Mass books for young children. The writers have done an exceptional job of presenting the rituals of the Mass in a way that will engage children and enable them to reflect at their own level on the meaning of the parts of the Mass.

Also throughout the text, children are presented with questions that will draw them into participation in the Mass and help them develop a Eucharistic spirituality. 

Specifications: Hardcover - 7" x 8 3/4" - 48 pages.

Written by Betsy Puntel & Hannah Roberts

Illustrated by Debra Bandelin & Bob Dacey

"This little book is a treasure for young children and their parents.  The celebration of Mass unfolds in a simple and engaging way, to deepen faith and shape understanding, to provide for greater participation and to behold God's love for us in Jesus. Betsy Puntel and Hannah Roberts, with A Child's Book of the Mass, place in the hands of parents an excellent guide to give their children a lasting love for the Sunday Eucharist."

Reverend Gerald Dennis Gill
Director, Office for Divine Worship
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
"A Child's Book of the Mass is the sort of at home catechesis that helps parents assume the responsibility they accepted at their children's Baptism. It is clearly written and well-illustrated. The questions given for the children are well designed to invite and encourage their participation and also give them a sense of accomplished learning. The language is not childish and communicates a sense of the seriousness of the topic. It's the sort of book that one could imagine becoming part of a child's Saturday night bedtime."

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