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Keeping the Seasons for Advent & Christmas 2019-2020
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Keeping the Seasons for Advent & Christmas 2019-2020

Bilingual Print and Digital Resources for Your Parish.

The material in this resource is provided via the LTP website with access codes provided within booklet.

This resource allows you to provide billingual catechesis, prayer and spiritual nourishment to parishioners throughout the week of Advent and Christmas.

Every parish wants to provide parishioners with rich and inspiring catechesis in attractive formats during Advent and Christmas Time. 

The core of the resource is the seven handouts, in English and in Spanish, one for each week of Advent and Christmas. On the front of each handout is a prayer, illustration and a reflection on the Sunday Scripture. On the back is catechesis for each weekday, about the day's Scripture, saint, or Catholic practices, along with a smaller illustration. Citations for Scripture readings are included with each day.

The handouts may be printed in colour or in black and white as PDF files. But even more helpful, the individual illustrations and sections of text are provided as separate JPG and Word files that may be reproduced as you wish, placed on your Website, added to your parish bulletin, to worship aids or to handouts of your own making.

In addition you will find ready-to-print Advent/Christmas cards and stationery for your annual greeting to parishioners as well as a poster in various sizes. A tutorial guides you through the many possibilities for using this remarkable collection of resources.

Finally, you have permission to make as many reproductions as you wish for as long as you wish! 

Booklet: 16 pages 8 1/2" x 11"

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