Fairly Traded from El Salvador

Fairly Traded Products from Latin America.

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All these products are manufactured by a Co-operative in Latin America, and it is by this, that we mean the goods are fairly traded. 

The Co-operative ‘feeds' out the orders to a number of artisans who are skilled in the manufacture and painting of the crosses. If the artisans cannot afford to buy the materials for the order, the Co operative will lend them up to 50% of the value of the order.

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Once a week the finished articles are bought to the Co-operative where the quality is checked. Importantly, the artisans receive payment the same day the goods are handed over to the Co-operative. The Co-operative then process the order and dispatch the goods to us in the U.K.

The Co-operative help the artisans to improve and enlarge their production capacity and for them to buy tools and machinery, this financial aid is given at no interest rate. Additional loans not related to the Co-operative's production are given at a lower rate of interest than that offered by the financial institutions operating locally. Artisans make monthly payments according to their capabilities. 

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The Co-operative provides school supplies to the children of the office employees and chief artisans, so that they may receive a better education than their parents. The Co-operative also now gives a number of scholarships each year, to the children who receive the best overall grades. 

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